How to make an older worker an ideal worker

A recent blog from the Sloan Center on Aging & Work at Boston College raises some interesting questions about what employers take into account when they consider an “ideal worker” and how this conflicts with the career ambitions of many older employees.

One wonders what it will take, bearing in mind current levels of unemployment and the likelihood of prolonged recession, for employers to stop pursuing the current full-time, presentee, long-hours model of employment. Surely it’s time to take on board that those who work in ways that best suit their own situation and motivation – whatever their age – will be those who perform  at the highest levels and are the most engaged, productive and loyal?

Yet again, the ‘one size fits all’ model fails most people. These issues aren’t about age or gender but about lifestage, ability and circumstances. The more employers start to address these, the more that ‘diversity’ issues – particularly the problems of an ageing workforce – will start to recede.


One Response to How to make an older worker an ideal worker

  1. Looking for work and being over 50 is stressful. I thought all I would have to worry about was my health! Do you have any advice for getting a job as a member of the ageing workforce?

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