Agenda for Later Life 2011

Yesterday I attended the “Agenda for Later Life 2011” conference in London organised by Age UK and sponsored by Sainsbury’s. The material was fascinating from start to finish and reflects a really well structured, well organised and well presented event.

The topics covered included work, health, care provision, pensions, older people as consumers, poverty, financial abuse and many others. In fact, the list of concerns, all extremely pressing, is almost endless and it is good to see that these are being given the attention they deserve with high levels of government involvement. Well done to Age UK for giving them such high profile and for the continued lobbying and pressurising.

If there is one criticism that I would level, not at the conference itself, but at the wider community, is still there are too many “weasel words” and not enough action and direct intervention, particularly by employers and by commercial organisations. I really do think that people know when they are being sold a line.

Nevertheless, well done and if anybody would like to read more and to see “Age UK’s 12 challenges for an ageing nation” click on the link below.

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